Amitabh Trehan


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- Postdoc position open(application deadline June 1st, 2017) to work in distributed algorithms/networks.  Please apply at  - The position is to work on the EPSRC First Grant COSHER (awarded Feb 2017).

- PHD  position available closing soon. (Application review under way - May 10, 2017). Funded (full for UK/EU students, partial for international). Please apply at  Areas of interest:  design and analysis of algorithms and distributed algorithms (and related areas such as network science, resilient systems and game theory).  

I am an Assistant Professor (i.e. Lecturer  in the UK system) of Computer Science at Loughborough University (since February 1, 2017). Previously, for three years and a bit, I was at Queen's University Belfast  in the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Professionally,  my main research interests center around designing efficient algorithms and reasoning about multi-agent dynamic scenarios. This has led me to work on distributed algorithms in both static scenarios (e.g. Leader Election) and particularly on dynamic scenarios for a line of work called Self-Healing and Self-Aware algorithms. My general field of interest is Theoretical Computer Science. I also work in algorithmic game theory and am actively exploring the interconnections between distributed computing, game theory and also other computation models in Theoretical Computer Science. Though my tools are theoretical and mathematical, I often seek inspiration from and applications in the exciting new world of, for example, Internet of Things, Peer-to-Peer Networks, Exascale Computing, Security, Software Defined Networking, Social and Large Scale Networks, and Scalable Data Analytics.